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The NICE Program creates good paying, fulfilling jobs that build a society that prioritizes prevention rather than punishment – investing in our children as our most important infrastructure.

We are creating an environment where, instead of being isolated and punished, students learn from their mistakes. Our ultimate goal is that everyone in a school community feels included and valued no matter what their life situation.

– Diana Wege


What We Do

The NICE Program is groundbreaking

The NICE director and staff, with the guidance of Syracuse University’s School of Education, is developing a transformational and nurturing inclusivity that is proving essential for a teaching/learning environment to thrive.

The NICE MISSION is right there in it’s name, to create a Nurturing Inclusive Community Environment in every school.


    • truancy 
    • dropout rate 
    • teacher burnout 
    • stress and violence


    • graduation rate
    • teachers’ job satisfaction
    • administrators’ job satisfaction
    • students’ wellbeing and grade point

Program Components

NICE is a Jobs Program

The NICE Program creates desirable, fulfilling, and rewarding jobs that also pay well. These jobs are intentionally created in the preventative sector of society rather than the punitive sector.

Our NICE staff are paid a fair salary and health benefit package with possibly retirement in the future. The salary offered is important to draw applicants away from our society’s punitive and unsustainable sectors. NICE jobs must be highly desirable. It is important to note that these are not dead-end jobs. In addition to the personal fulfillment from the work offered, the job can branch off into many other opportunities within, or outside the district.

NICE Staffing

To reduce stress of overworked teachers, social workers, and administrators, the program is hiring (at a minimum per school) four NICE faculty. Ideally, there will be two women, two men, and at least two are bilingual in English plus one of the predominant languages spoken in the school or in the community.

An applicant with a master’s in education, or a related field is hired to be the overseer, or director, of up to two schools. The director is paid commensurate with the range of leadership and management responsibilities — including direct line to the founder and NICE strategic planner, as well as serve as representative to multiple stakeholders and the public.


How to work with us

We would welcome the chance to bring our conflict resolution practices to your school. Please contact us to learn more about our mission and how we can work together to help build community.