Recently we reached out to students in our programs in different schools, where there are girl circles, boy circles, and multicultural circles. We wanted to hear from them the benefits and effects of the circles.

Student Quotes from Ramapo Girls Circle:

  • “Girls Circle has helped improve my relationship with my mother and sister. We now have a better relationship because of this group.”
  • “People have noticed that I am more positive and have a positive outlook on life.”
  • “Through Girls Circle I have been able to foster better relationships with my peers.”
  • “It made me stronger as a person. I became more calm and collective. Also more understanding.”
  • “Girls Circle has motivated me to speak up in class, get out of bad relationships, and I also made a lot of new friends.”
  • “In Girls Circle, a different topic was introduced every week, which opened me up to various types of people and different cultures.”
  • “I have noticed that I became more positive and started pushing negative energy away.”

Student Quotes from SVHS Young Men’s After School Circle:

  • “It has impacted us because we know every week that we can open up and talk about our week and relate to other people in the group.”
  • “It allows students to interact with one another especially if someone is shy, and gives students an opportunity to talk about what is on their mind.”
  • “My experience with the Boys circle has been great. It allows me to discuss hot topics and get different students point of view and adults point of view and advice.”

Student Quotes from Ramapo Multicultural Circle:

  • “We like it because we learn about topics we do not touch at school and it’s like a place where we feel good about being able to talk about ourselves and what happens to us during the day. This is an open space which makes us trust people to solve our problems and talk about things that sometimes with our parents we cannot talk about.”
  • “I like it because we learn a lot about our home countries and we also learn about different Latin American cultures like the Dominican, Honduras, and other Central American countries. They also teach us many things about meals and we also learn about what happens in the United States with immigrants and for me, that is very good because some people do not know what happens in our country or in other countries, for example, what is happening in Venezuela. I like the group a lot because I share with my classmates and the people who come to visit us and have a good time.”
  • “I like the multicultural group because we learned about different things. We do activities and we have a communicative bond.”