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Our Team

Wicile Joseph, LMHC

Wicile Joseph, is the NICE Program Director. Wicile is also a Licensed Mental Health Clinician who has worked with children, adolescents and families for the past 13 years. As program Director, Wicile ensures social-emotional support for all students, in an effort to promote academic success and increase self-efficacy. Wicile, is experienced in restorative practices, resolving conflict and community building and classroom management. Wicile is also a certified Girls Circle Facilitator and is well versed in Collaborative Problem Solving, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solutions Based Casework. Wicile’s goal is to ensure every student in America receives quality education in a Nurturing, Inclusive, Community, Environment.

Lizzette Ruiz

Lizzette Ruiz is a bilingual member of the NICE staff at Ramapo High School. She graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas College with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Lizzette’s work experience includes Head Start of Rockland, as a family worker; a community educator at Cooperative Extension, as well as a program assistant for T.O.U.C.H. (Together Our Unity Can Heal). She is passionate about helping others and looks forward to continuing her work with the NICE Program.

Reinaldo Sanchez

Reinaldo is a graduate of Nyack College and has a Bachelor’s in Social Work. He spent the latter half of his college years interning at Spring Valley High School through V.C.S. (Volunteer Counseling Services), and could not be more excited to be able to continue working at Spring Valley through the NICE program. During his internship, Reinaldo worked with families and students, providing support and counseling. Reinaldo has a heart for helping others, and loves seeing the incredible transformation that the NICE team has on the students’ lives that he works with everyday.

Erik Quiles

My name is Erik Quiles I am a bilingual member of the NICE staff. I graduated from Lehman College my major was sociology and I minor in psychology. I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx. I worked with kids with disabilities and I also mentored/ tutored. I love being part of the NICE program because I get to help and guide the youth to the right direction.

Dave Saint-Anne

Dave Saint-Anne, is a Ramapo High School Alumni who graduated in 2014. Dave went on to continue his education at Suny Rockland before transferring to Binghamton University to complete his Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Dave has always been dedicated to helping others, especially the youth, which has led him to back to Ramapo High School now as a full-time NICE staff member.

Jean R. Fils-Aime

Jean Fils-Aime is a Ramapo High School Alumni of the class of 2008. His love for his community and devotion to giving back has led him to the NICE program. Jean has been working with children with a diagnosis of autism, attention deficit disorder, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder for the last eight years. Jean is a volunteer for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Hudson Valley, where he inspires young children with critical illnesses. Jean also serves as a volunteer for My Brother’s Keeper Mentorship Program at Spring Valley High School. Jean’s goal is to ensure all scholars have a sense of belonging and an adult they can depend on.

Aliza Martinez

Aliza Martinez has grown up being a “Spring Valley Tiger” and has continued to represent the community by being a part of the NICE staff at Spring Valley High School. She received her Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Long Island University and is a Certified School Counselor. Aliza enjoys supporting the youth in the community and hopes to leave a lasting impact on the East Ramapo Central School District. It is important to Aliza that we all make an effort to build positive relationships with our youth and community in order to maintain a supportive and inclusive environment.

Wilene Joseph

Wilene Joseph is a Certified School Counselor and currently works for the NICE team at Spring Valley High School. She got her undergraduate degree in Sociology at Long Island University and her Master’s Degree in School Counseling at The College of New Rochelle. Prior to joining the NICE team, Ms. Joseph worked in a Residential Treatment Center for 6 years under the auspices of NYS Foster Care System, which serves children with dual-diagnoses and their families. Ms. Joseph worked with the youngest boys on campus (8-14 years of age) with varying diagnoses including PTSD, Autism, ADHD, and emotional disturbance. Ms. Joseph acted as a parent, mentor, friend, role model, and therapist for youth who may not have anyone else they could trust to take care of them. She is certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, which she used masterfully in order to help aid in the de-escalation process of the youth. Ms. Joseph is passionate about working with the youth and being a source of support throughout the crucial years of high school. She hopes to leave a lasting impact in their lives as well as the community.