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Donate to The NICE Program and give teens the tools for positive change in their lives!

NICE Mission

The NICE Program’s mission is to reimagine public education by assuring that — every person, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or socioeconomic status — reaches their full potential while cultivating a safe and peaceful learning environment.


WOVEN is the lead sponsor of the Nurturing Inclusive Community Environment (NICE) Program, an emotional support program designed to end school violence and encourage academic success. 

“We Oppose Violence Everywhere Now” (WOVEN), is a nonprofit organization based out of New York City that aspires to end violence in our lifetime. Built on the belief that rejecting violence is not insurmountable, WOVEN is designed to serve as a platform for the world to collaborate and take action with innovative, new solutions for solving today’s issues of violence, as well as act as a vehicle for peaceful advocacy.

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supports a positive and safe school community where everyone is welcome and encouraged to be the best version of themselves

funds the transformation of teens who have been negatively affected by stress and trauma

expands our conflict resolution practices to even more schools

promotes conflict resolution in homes, schools, and communities

teaches students to use their voice and leadership skills that will last a lifetime

Thank you for creating a more peaceful world!